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This 4G network seems to have the best 4g coverage.

Mobile phone operators are now scrambling to one up each other on who has the best 4g network coverage. But who has the best 4G network coverage? The Verizon 4G coverage is said to be the best 4G network, even better that the AT&T 4G coverage. The Sprint 4G coverage on the other hand has heavily relied on partners like Clear Wire with their WiMax 4G coverage. However WiMax 4G coverage is quickly losing steam and even Sprint will supplement their 4G coverage with LTE soon.

We can take a scientific approach to analyzing each 4G coverage to determine who has the best 4G network. We do however encourage our readers to first review some of the key elements that go into making the best 4G network here. Then follow along as we weigh the strengths and weaknesses of each network’s coverage.

You could assume that whichever cell phone operator has the most cities covered would have the best 4g network coverage. However some cell phone operators may deploy sub-par 4g networks and claim they have the best 4g coverage. For example, unlike the Verizon 4G coverage, the T-mobile 4G coverage is built on HSPA which is technically not a 4G coverage technology. T-Mobile had to come out defending their 4G network promising even higher download speeds in the future without the need for 4G LTE. However they have recently done a 180 and announced that they will eventually launch 4G LTE in 2013 to improve the T-Mobile 4G coverage. T-Mobile was helped by the recent acquisition failure from AT&T since they ended up with a few billions more in the bank and free spectrum from AT&T as a compensation fee. The Sprint 4G coverage has also touted its Wimax coverage as the best 4G network but is now rolling out its 4G LTE network. Sprint had entered into a partnership with Light Squared to deploy 4G LTE coverage. They were hoping that with this 4G partnership they could claim the best 4g network coverage. However those hopes were dashed when in February 2012 the FCC denied their request saying the move would put existing GPS frequencies at risk. In the end Sprint has rallied back on its old partner Clear Wire who seems to have tones of spectrum. Together they hope to launch the best 4G network coverage.

So who has the best 4g network coverage? Most experts believe that it's a bit too soon to make that call. We should give other 4g network carriers like the AT&T 4G coverage some space to flex their 4g network coverage muscle and others like Sprint to show if they can eventually deploy the best 4g network coverage. In fact the AT&T 4G coverage is being communicated as having the nation’s largest 4G coverage. How come? Well if you read the fine print you realize that the AT&T 4G coverage now includes their HSPA+ coverage as 4G coverage. But we know better. Hence for right now who has the best 4G network coverage is Verizon Wireless and we hold this position with good reason. The Verizon 4G coverage is by far the best right now within the USA. Find out why the Verizon 4G coverage is the best.

See the science behind having the best 4g network coverage.

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